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Dear Friends
This website will have a new look coming soon! Please feel free to phone us for any info., that you may need 508-943-9058!

       We hope that everyone enjoyed the "Connections" that Gary was able to provide for you in your session. Until you need us. Remember, who ya gonna call?

Gary & Virginia

  Thank you one and all for viewing our website.  Also all the kind words, gifts, and testimonials, and on Facebook throughout the years.  We really enjoy our work and look forward to seeing you.  We wish to thank all the people of the Fund-raisers that we have worked with.  You are wonderful hard working people, you need all the acknowledgements that you can get.  You are blessed in helping so many people in so many ways.  Thank you for sharing your gift of friendship and love toward us and others.

Just a few fun fact on other areas that Gary works on when he's not in sessions. Gary was one of a few psychics that actually toured the Victorian Mansion in Gardner, Ma. and gave the original owners more detail than was expected. Many people dead and alive live in that mansion, and believe me when we say that it's haunted, it is.  Gary can be found in a great book by Dan Asfar called "Ghost Hunters of America" Real Stories of Paranormal Investigators. Gary helped clean out a machine shop that was haunted, by the former factory owner. The Publick House in Strubridge Ma. has been haunted for years.  All the way back to the Colonial era. Gary certified that place too! We went hunting at the Springfield Museum and found Mr. & Mrs. George Walter Vincent Smith, founders of the museum. And they sure had a lot to say. We never know when someone you don't visually see but feel around you may come bumping around to your house.  Let not forget our loved ones that are on the other side. They may come back to visit you, and if they do and it's a problem call us.  Gary & Virginia

  If you are an establishment in need of new entertainment, and would like to have Gary do readings for your clients see listings of places below that have enjoyed our work.  Watch this site or phone, Virginia for prices and available times, 508-943-9058.    Remember we do lectures on many different topics.  

Gary and I would like to thank all the wonderful people that we have worked with and who have shared their "Connections" with us throughout the USA. There are to many to mention, below are a few.

 The Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, Publick House Histroic Inn Sturbridge. The Hu Kai Lau, Chicopee. Steaming Tender Restaurant  Palmer. The Crown Plaza, Cromwell, CT. The Whole Health Expo. Northhampton. Spirit Of Change Magazine Expo, NewLife Expo in New York, Newport RI. NH. ME., and various radio stations around the country.